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Using TurboCAD  in technical professions


For draftsmen, technicians, and engineers


TurboCAD Amazon Professional Draftsmen Technicians Engineers
TurboCAD Techncal Professins Draftsmen Technicians Engineers

Appropriate for English software versions up through 2018

Using TurboCAD® in technical professions

For draftsmen, technicians, and engineers

Matthias Bosse


264 Pages

ISBN-13: 9783746012261

Publisher: Books on Demand

Publication date: 17.07.2018

Language: English

Color: Yes

This book aims to help companies, self-employed professionals, and individuals looking for cost-effective CAD software that provides the basic and necessary tools for 2D and 3D computer-aided design. It contains a detailed description of the program and shows the first steps in the professional handling of TurboCAD® 2018 in a "step by step" tutorial based on a practice-oriented exercise example. In addition, tips and tricks in two and three-dimensional drawing are shown, which specifically optimize working in technical professions, so as to prevent unnecessary stress and save time, and as a result money as well. The wide ranging possibilities of TurboCAD® are shown, so that the reader can evaluate for themselves whether the supplied tools meet their own requirements. All commands, tools, and procedures presented in this book refer to the TurboCAD® 2018 "Pro Platinum" version. However, many of the commands shown are already included in previous software versions.