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I am happy to announce that my new book "Smap3D Piping" is available now. It contains a program description of the Smap3D software and shows how to enter the world of automated pipe design within SOLIDWORKS using the Smap3D Add-In. The German version is now available here. The English version is expected to be available in February 2021.


Van Dyk Recycling Solutions contacted me in need of a designer to convert one of their baler plants into a 3D printable model for exhibition purposes. Using different coloured parts has led to an impressive but cost-efficient result. This model (appr. 400x300x150mm) will definitely catch the eye!
If you are also interested in having one of your products or systems created as a representative 3D printed model, please feel free to contact me.

More references here.

Matthias Bosse TurboCAD 3D Kurse Deutschland


I received the job to design a tank connection space (TCS) for a 600 m³ LNG tank installed on a cruise liner vessel. With an appr. TCS height of 5m, it will have two levels containing loads of pneumatic actuated valves up to the size of DN150, cryogenic insulated pipes, an LNG pump and vaporizers. High demands on the space efficiency. The smaller the TCS, the bigger the tank, hence the larger the tank storage volume. Expectations from yard and owner are high. Challenge readily accepted!


Two tank connection spaces, containing all the necessary components for supply of conditioned fuel gas to the ship’s engines and two glycol water pump skids have been designed and successfully built and approved by Bureau Veritas. They will be used on a natural gas-fuelled ferry. Always satisfying and extremely motivating to see how my designs become reality.


New project in the building supply field. Coordination of pipe and duct routing for a new production hall with facilities for the production and processing of liquid and solid substances. Using PlanCal Nova with the latest IFC-building interface model provided by the architects enormously simplifies the coordination of all the piping and ducting inside the building for heating, cooling, natural gas supply, water, nitrogen, control air and ventilation.

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