I received the job to design a tank connection space (TCS) for a 600 m³ LNG tank installed on a cruise liner vessel. With an appr. TCS height of 5m, it will have two levels containing loads of pneumatic actuated valves up to the size of DN150, cryogenic insulated pipes, an LNG pump and vaporizers. High demands on the space efficiency. The smaller the TCS, the bigger the tank, hence the larger the tank storage volume. Expectations from yard and owner are high. Challenge readily accepted!


Two tank connection spaces, containing all the necessary components for supply of conditioned fuel gas to the ship’s engines and two glycol water pump skids have been designed and successfully built and approved by Bureau Veritas. They will be used on a natural gas-fuelled ferry. Always satisfying and extremely motivating to see how my designs become reality.


New project in the building supply field. Coordination of pipe and duct routing for a new production hall with facilities for the production and processing of liquid and solid substances. Using PlanCal Nova with the latest IFC-building interface model provided by the architects enormously simplifies the coordination of all the piping and ducting inside the building for heating, cooling, natural gas supply, water, nitrogen, control air and ventilation.


I am pleased to support Gschier & Granitz GmbH located in beautiful Steiermark, Austria with my CAD services in the field of tool and mold design. This includes precisely matched transport containers, as well as the product design of injection molded parts.


I finished my first book with the title “Using TurboCAD in technical professions”. It aims to help companies, self-employed professionals, and individuals looking for cost-effective CAD software that provides the basic and necessary tools for 2D and 3D computer-aided design. It contains a detailed description of TurboCAD and shows the first steps in its professional use through a "step by step" tutorial based on a practice-oriented exercise example. It is available in English and German in both print and e-book versions.

Available in many digital bookshops like Amazon, iBooks, Thalia and many more.


Two glycol water pump skids have just passed their pressure test and are now ready to be delivered to the customer after being successfully approved by the classification society. The prefabricated skids come with two pumps each which provide full redundancy. They will be delivered to the site complete with necessary pipework, valves, heat exchanger and automation equipment to ensure easy connection to the system. I was involved in the whole skid design process and manufacturing supervision.


"Back in December 2016 an entrepreneur from Italy reached out to me, in need of a 3D designer helping to develop one of his product ideas. A handle to have a better and more ergonomic grip lifting weights which helps to prevent injuries and improve muscle strength. After one year and 70 different prototypes tested by more than 300 athletes, the first production started in winter 2017. The finished product has been sold more than 20.000 times in more than 50 different countries. I am proud that I was part of this successful story and I wish Simon, the founder and CEO of Angle90, all the best for the future. For me it was a very interesting side trip to the fields of product design."


This test-bed, by Marine Service GmbH, allows the testing of ship engines using fuel gas. The LNG, stored in the LNG Storage Tank Container above, is processed in the Gas Handling Container which provides all equipment such as LNG-pump, vaporizer units, glycol water module and the automation. I was involved in the whole design process, especially in the cryogenic piping and the skid design.

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